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When you or your family require eye care, our staff at Krug & Jones Optometry will get it done! We offer comprehensive eye exams, contact lenses, vision therapy, low vision rehabilitation, and many more services.  Our optical dispensary is available to everyone; whether a current patient or not.

Dr. Krug and Dr. Jones will fit the best type of contact lens for your vision and lifestyle. A variety of contact lenses are available; from daily to extended wear soft lenses. Contact lenses for astigmatism and bifocal wearers are also available. Tinted contact lenses can enhance your eye color or even change the eye color entirely. Gas Permeable contact lenses are also available if desired.

Budget to designer frames in many colors and materials are on display in the optical dispensary. We are the area's prescription provider for Oakley frames and sunglasses. All frames include at least a one-year warranty. The area's largest selection of safety frames are in stock and available for your prescription.

The Optical Dispensary features a great selection of name brand and budget sunglasses. We have an excellent selection of frames available in many fashion colors and styles. Let Certified Optician Deb Schmeidler help you with the selection of frames and lenses that best fit your prescription and lifestyle. The optical dispensary invites anyone with a current prescription to stop in and view the great selection of frames when a new pair is being considered.

Contact Lenses

Optical Dispensing


We provide a selection of lens materials from standard plastic to the newest 1.74 high index lenses. These thinner, lightweight lenses include scratch resistance and ultraviolet protection. Enhance your nighttime vision by selecting No Glare lenses - available in your prescription. If you are the individual that prefers glass lenses, we are the office that can fulfill those needs... in a clear, photo chromatic, or sunglass tint!

Our office works hand in hand with highly qualified eye surgeons and eye care specialists that practice exclusively in cataract surgery, LASIK (laser surgery), refractive surgery, retinal detachments, retinal tears, and much more. If you are interested in a specialized surgery, please contact our office at 785-625-3937.


Surgery Co-Management / Laser Vision Correction

Our office provides emergency services for most eye problems, including infections, injuries, allergies, etc. during normal business hours. We also offer emergency services after hours. Just call us at 785-625-3937 and follow the instructions on the answering machine.

Over half of the information that we receive on a daily basis is visual; therefore, it is important that the eyes and visual system are efficiently working together.  Dr. Stacey Jones specializes in vision therapy for children, but can work with patients of all ages. Some signs of vision problems include short attention span, re-reading or skipping lines unknowingly while reading, or tilting the head while reading.  There are many more behaviors to watch for, but if you notice some of these in your child, or self, please call to schedule an exam.

Permanent visual impairment can be difficult to live with, and in many cases you will never have the clear vision you once did.  But, here at the office, we offer many different low vision aides that range from handheld magnifiers to closed circuit TV systems.  Our certified optician is trained to demonstrate usage of these products; so feel free to stop by and take a look at what we have to offer.

Dry Eyes/Allergies, Eye Infection and Injuries

Low Vision Services

Vision Therapy

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